Engineering services
As an engineering-based organization, ZSI has a strong engineering team with affluent experience and know-how on different materials, manufacturing technics and standards. We are capable of conducting engineering services including Computer Aided Design, Reverse Engineering, Design for Manufacturability, and Fast Prototype.
Logistics innovation
Through the innovation in logistics, ZSI brings our customers convenience, safety, reliability and low costs in logistics and administration.
Logistics Solution

•  Standard packaging guidelines
•  Safety stock and “VMI” program
•  Warehouse in Europe and China
•  Regular order progress reports
•  Reliable forwarding partners


•  Enhance safety and convenience
•  Shorten lead-time to 7days
•  Ensure on-time delivery
•  Reduce stock-out costs
•  Reduce freight costs

Third party quality inspection
Leveraging our affluent experience in manufacturing and quality control, ZSI is capable of offering Third Party Quality Inspection services, where ZSI acts as an independent organization representing the interest of our customers.
- Material verification
- Dimension check
- Testing according to specs
- On-site witness
- Report development
  • Aside from manufacturing parts and components, ZSI has successfully developed the capability of delivering semi-assembly or full-assembly products and modules.
    - BOM development and management
    - SOP and QCP generation
    - Project management
    - Parts sourcing and in-coming inspection
    - Assembly
    - Testing
  • The whole processes are under ZSI supervision and quality control.
  • ZSI maintains the strictest confidentiality and ensure no Intellectual Properties disclosure throughout the whole manufacturing and assembly processes.