ZS Industries Co., Ltd (“ZSI”), was established in Shanghai and Denmark in 2003. We focused on providing contract manufacturing and engineering outsourcing for the industrial customers worldwide.

Our overall objective is to support our customers in increasing their competitiveness and profitability through the reduction of their Total Cost of Ownership.

With the strong and competitive supply network we have built up in different industrial regions of China in the past 20 years, we are able to deliver high quality customized mechanical parts, components, and complete assemblies.

Having established a systematic quality assurance and quality control system, we fully follow the ISO9001:2015 guidelines in our daily operations.

We have also built a strong engineering team to provide engineering services to our customers and to supervise the manufacturing processes.

We are committed to creating value for our customers through the cross-cultural setup, the competitive supply base, the efficient operational system and the innovative service package.

We aim for long-term relationship with both our customers and our subcontractors.

The preferred manufacturing outsourcing partner in China for the industrial customers worldwide

ZS Industries Co., Ltd. (ZSI) is a contract manufacturing outsourcing company committed to supporting its industrial customers in increasing their competitiveness and profitability by providing high-quality products, competitive prices and professional value-added services, while maintaining high standard of ethical conduct and environmental protection.

Corporate Social Responsibility
ZSI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the integration of business operations and value. The interest of all stakeholders including (but are not limited to) suppliers, customers, employees, community organizations and the environment are reflected in our policies and actions with the aim of achieving sustainable development.
Since we started the company, a strong corporate culture and sense of identity have been established at ZSI. ZSI commits to ongoing groundwork as the basis for a number of activities and initiatives that support our social and human commitment, such as the diversified perspectives, employability, equal opportunities, well training and humanized working conditions.
Environmental Sustainability
At ZSI, environmental sustainability is not an empty phrase, but a corporate responsibility that is an integral part of our social accountability. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow – our goal was, is, and will be always to integrate social, economic as well as ecological objectives into the daily business.
Code of Conduct 
ZSI also sets up and implements the "Code of Conduct" to our subcontractors to make sure their production and supply performance are in a manner that considers the environment and labor standards.